Media101.org and 'Media - A Power for Good' - a collaboration of professional broadcasting and educational not-for-profit groups committed to providing accessible expert training for those working, or seeking to work in the media.

The right training is key to lifting the level of individual performance, increasing overall capability... and achieving real success. That’s why we have created Media - A Power for Good - a premium training resource, designed specifically to increase the proficiency and overall capability of broadcasters. It is a user-friendly and a cost effective means of upskilling new - and not so new, broadcasters in best practice.

All the modules are designed to:

  • explain proven principles,
  • upskill practice immediately and
  • guide ongoing improvement over time.


Throughout the series, the written study guides invite participants to interact with the videos. There are interesting activities to engage those viewing, asking them to apply the new ideas to their own context, and to help anchor their learning.

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The series 'Media – A Power for Good' is versatile, best practice and appropriate to broadcasting settings from highly industrialised and economically advanced countries to developing communities and nations.